Disaster Recovery

Q: - Whats the deal with your software availability?

A: JuniHub and all JB software is hosted on the Amazon AWS infrastructure. It gives us a massive amount of storage and flexibility in a secure environment which allows us to sleep soundly at night.

Q: What about your access to the data and phones in your office?

A: Short answer: All operational Front and Back Office infrastructure has built in redundancy within UK Data Centres. This infrastructure includes Juniper Bridge’s own hosted PBX internal communication network.

A: Long answer: As responsible suppliers we have a robust technical infrastructure and plan tominimise any disruption to its core networks and clients. Here are some of the measures we've taken to keep the phones ringing and emails flowing all day ,everyday.

  • 5 Separate Transit arrangements at 3 different sites (giving us triple redundancy for connectivity).

  • All UK PoPs are in major Data Centres with N+1 resilience.

  • The facility also has full UPS back up and a third level Generator supply with a fuel reserve for 3 days.

  • The servers operate RAID 5 arrays with data backup up daily.

  • All our internal communications and Internal documentation are remotely hosted with GOOGLE commercial servers, with secure access via any connectivity platform. This allows remote access to all the tools and systems from any location.

Q: What about your office? Where do you go if there is an issue onsite?

A:  Modern technology is a beautiful thing but we also have to cover some practical issues in the event of something not going to plan. We've explained above about the flexibility of our software and systems but should the call centre in Southampton become unusable for any reason, the staff would be deployed to the REGUS centre at Southampton Airport within 30 minutes. Current availability for REGUS is 27% unoccupied. VOIP phones are available at this site and can be configured to our platform. A static IP address is also available for enhanced security. Should this facility not be available then staff can be dispatched to their home locations temporarily as a last resort:

  • 100% of staff are confirmed with broadband connectivity

  • 80% are within walking distance home

  • We also have the option to point inbound calls to mobile devices should this be required

Network Peering

Q: - Whats on offer?

A: We provide network peering and you can find the detail by clicking on this link


Q: - So what of it?

A: The CPE WAN (CWMP) Management Protocol, published in 2004 by The Broadband Forum as TR-069, specifies a standard communication mechanism for the remote management of end-user devices. It defines a protocol for the secure auto-configuration of a TR-069 device and incorporates other management functions into a common framework. This protocol simplifies device management by specifying the use of an auto configuration server (ACS) to perform remote, centralized management of customer premises equipment (CPE).  It look like this -