How to...find your router address

If you need to login to your router but don't know the URl, please find below our handy guide for Windows based PC's.



If you are unsure of what this is you can find out by pressing and holding the windows key and press the R key. This will open a run box. In this box type CMD and click the OK button


login screen.png

IP Config

After clicking OK you will be confronted with a command prompt screen like the one shown.

In this screen, next to the flashing cursor, type ipconfig then press the enter or return key on your keyboard. This will reveal a series of information about your network adapters. You will need to locate the adapter you are using to connect to your router e.g. if you are connected on the wireless you should look for something that reads Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Or Wireless adapter Local Area Connection


Default Gateway

Once you have located your adapter details you will need the IP address shown next to the Default Gateway, example showing in the above screenshot with a redbox.

Once you have the router IP address you will need to open a webpage. In the webpage type the Default Gateway address (Router Address) into your browser and press enter.