After being acquired by Invosys in March 2018, we are pleased to announce that Juniper Bridge will soon become fully integrated into Invosys. This means that Juniper Bridge will no longer exist as a separate company and will become an official part of the Invosys brand.

Since the acquisition, the teams at Juniper Bridge and Invosys have been working closely together. We are working to make the brand merge a smooth and seamless process that will ultimately enhance the experience for the loyal customers of both companies.


What does this mean for Juniper Bridge customers?
Rest assured, all of your services and accounts will continue to be handled by the Juniper Bridge team, but now as a fully integrated part of Invosys. Over the next few months, Invosys will be in touch with all Juniper Bridge customers to answer any concerns and begin moving your services to Invosys contracts.

If you would like to discuss this sooner, feel free to speak to

Will Juniper Bridge still exist?
Once the merge is complete, Juniper Bridge will no longer exist as a separate company and will become a full part of the Invosys brand.

This won’t affect your service; it will simply be delivered under the Invosys name. The team you know and trust at Juniper Bridge will continue to handle your services, but now as part of a bigger team alongside Invosys.

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Who are Invosys?
A new generation of VoIP telephony provider, Invosys has been improving call handling for businesses with their offering of in-house developed IP solutions since their inception in 2006.

Offering a full suite of VoIP solutions, every product in the Invosys suite is designed in-house to give both resellers and customers more. With extensive marketing support and truly competitive commercials, their products are easier to use and even easier to sell.

You can visit to take a look at the range of products and services available in the Invosys suite.


Have a question?
If you have any questions regarding the merge, you can still speak to any of the Juniper Bridge team or contact the Invosys team at