Introducing JuniFi - the personalised plug and play WiFi service

JuniFi is a secure WiFisolution that provides a tailored experience for clients which protects your data and broadband usage whilst allowing your customers access to the internet when on your premises. The personally branded WiFi service from JuniFi is flexible, reliable and feature rich, super easy to access and can be quickly deployed across multiple sites.

JuniFi allows you to communicate with customers, send them offers and promotions as the package also comes with reporting and analytics so you can view valuable insights to support growing your business. It is fullycustomisable, so what are you waiting for?

Simple plug and play solution Works out of the box - Simple order process, preconfi gured routers, no technical knowledge required

Simple plug and play solution
Works out of the box - Simple order
process, pre-configured routers,
no technical knowledge required


Legally compliant hotspot
GDPR compliant, ready to use for PCI DSS Level1 for PDQ. All data is securely hosted you have access to your customers data and you can provide or delete your customers data upon request


Data Export

Full visitor statistics including number of logins, contact information, frequency of login with
a fully exportable data download


Beautiful branding
A customisable visitor splash page
with login screen that’s simple to use easy to design and allows you to get your business noticed


Increase social reach
Login options include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. Word of Mouth marketing on every
Like or Follow will drive sales to your business and increase your customer engagement


Simple Login options

Choose from multiple options on how you would like your customers to login. Social media, email or a VIP pre-defined password allows access for users and control for you


Dashboard & Analytics
Reporting and analytics dashboard
to manage your customers and
end user reports


Unlimited everything
Unlimited user access the only restriction is your connection speed. Simple low price, feature rich unlimited use WiFi with own branded login screens and reporting


24x7 Customer Service

24x7 technical customer support
from our Eastleigh headquarters


Dashboard - What you can do

  • View user statistics

  • Bespoke splash page

  • Manage users

  • Run reports

  • Send emails to customers

JuniFi_bespoke screens.001.jpeg

Security & data

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Ready to use for PCI DSS compliant PDQ with dedicated ethernet port

  • Protect your network with network segmentation, bandwidth control and no hassle

  • Protect your liability - Know who is online, when and record the MAC address record of every visit.


Bespoke set up - What you can do

  • Add logo

  • Multiple login methods

  • Background Image

  • Change colours

  • Set up promotions



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