Introducing JuniHub - the unified telecommunications eco-system

Our commitment to R&D has led to development of JuniHub which gives clients instant access to a full suite of technical customer support products. JuniHub provides a unified Technical Support platform giving access to IT device monitoring, inbound and outbound call management, technical incident ticketing with integrated call recording and device order management with a fully featured TR069 platform. All delivered in a secure and flexible hosted environment with fully configurable MI.

Platform features

Our unified communications software has been developed over the last 6 years to support Juniper Bridge and its clients with intelligent unified technical support solutions. JuniHub is now a fully fledged stand alone piece of software you can use either in conjunction with a Juniper Bridge support package or entirely for your own internal use.

All of our software is available white-labelled and multi-tenanted, giving you the opportunity to on-sell managed support services to your clients, providing your customers with the ability to manage their IT estate and adding value to your proposition in a competitive market space where service is king.

+ One screen dashboard for at-a-glance viewing of full connectivity portfolio

+ Multi-level portal to manage all services in one place

+ Services include; 

+ Remote TR69 device configuration

+ Router and IP device management


+ Ticketing and call recording

+ White labelled version available

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