Juniper Bridge launch Sonar 2.0, the first piece of software within Juniper Bridge’s transformed product portfolio

Juniper Bridge is pleased to announce the launch of Sonar 2.0, the configured connectivity monitoring software that manages and monitors any IP device, on any network, anywhere in the world. Sonar allows the configuration of specific reporting using SMTP and is secure by protecting individual ports in the device. Sonar can also be combined with Juni24/7, by outsourcing the configuration to Juniper Bridges’s 24/7 technical support team to ensure that your end users can view, manage and modify the alerting and reporting at anytime.

Sonar works by utilising an operational dashboard that displays geo locations of client UK and global sites.  Central administrators have visibility and the connectivity status of all live sites in real time, if any of these sites go down, proactive email and SMS alerts are automatically distributed to key personnel, to get these sites up and running as soon as possible. Sonar can be used for both voice data monitoring and fully scalable allowing for additional sites and employees for monitoring purposes.

 Sonar benefits resellers by providing the client a seamless and uninterrupted service.

It enables resellers to:

  • Monitor connectivity on multiple sites within a single platform

  • Review real-time data to analyse business performance

  • Receive proactive notification of issues so that these can be rapidly diagnosed and resolved

  • Set up alert policies for different technology types of customer groups

  • Reduce operational costs by reducing inbound fault call volume

  • Improve customer experience by reducing connectivity downtime

  • Option to manage and diagnose the alerts in-house or outsource using Juni24/7

Founder, Steve Larkin, said about Sonar, ‘2016 has been landmark year for Juniper Bridge and we’re excited to finally launch Sonar as the first piece of software within our new product portfolio.  Sonar is a versatile, easy to use platform that hands you the power to proactively manage your network and customer sites using simple protocols. It not only provides an overview of what’s happening now but also helps businesses improve performance by analysing data.