For three years, founder Steve Larkin, suffered with an intermittent broadband connection. The majority of the time, the connection worked. However when it fell down, his provider could never tell him the reason behind the outage. It also took forever to resolve.

Juniper Bridge launched in 2009 to change the game for telecommunications businesses. To ensure a business could be connected 24/7 with a professional, reliable outsourced technical support team. To ensure that all faults could be resolved quickly. And to understand and communicate the reason behind the fault.

Fast-forward to today and Juniper Bridge is proud to be helping over 80 clients in the UK transform the way they manage their Internet connectivity.

Innovation is still core to the business too. In 2016, Juniper Bridge launched a new suite of Juni products for businesses to remotely manage their connectivity footprint and proactively manage faults before they arise.

The technical support team now handle over 1 million technical support minutes, 20,000 support tickets and proactively manage over 250,000 client and network devices each year.

But we want thousands of businesses to thrive by using our software to transform their operations by reducing efficiencies and utilising the data available to resolve performance issues.

Whether you are an IT, utilities or telecommunications business, a managed service provider or a start up business, we can help you monitor, fix, configure, install and ensure your connected 24/7.

Get in touch to day to analyse your bandwidth. What will you solve next?