Stephen Larkin headshot.jpg

Stephen Larkin, Managing Director

Stephen has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, holding several senior roles within the top tier 1 carriers. Stephen's expertise lies within delivering technological and operational change, improving reseller and end customer experience.

Stephen's passion to deliver a seamless front and back office environment was they key driver to founding Juniper Bridge. After witnessing first-hand the lack of attention within many operational teams, Stephen set off to create a robust and on-demand support team that could be utilised by other telecommunications operators.

Next came the creation of JuniHub, a platform that has transformed the way resellers can maximise their operational efficiencies and deliver world-class support to their customers



Simon Johnson, Commercial Director

Simon joined Juniper Bridge in 2014 as Commercial Director. Simon is a CIMA and Prince 2 qualified Business Director with over 20 years industry experience whilst working for privately owned companies and corporations including Thomson Reuters, Cable & Wireless and BP.

A key element in the success of Juniper Bridge is Simon's ability to engage and motivate employees, his efficiency in business processes and his passion to conduct business in a professional customer focused manner. Now firmly established as one of the leading providers to the channel, Simon attributes that success down to having open and healthy relationships with customers, being surrounded by able and like minded people and making good decisions in the development of the business.