****22nd December Update***

We have been issued with the latest firmware for the AMG1302T11C from Zyxel. This new firmware not only carries the fix for the issue caused by the Mirai virus but also adds additional protection.

You can download the latest firmware using the link below for a manual update to the router but we will also be deploying the firmware VIA our ACS in the next 24 hours.

There is also an updated firmware for the ZyXEL1302T10B which can be downloaded manually via the link below. We are in the process of testing TR069 deployment and will be working to roll this out in the next 7-10 days.

ZyXEL AMG Firmware update

If you have been affected by the potential Zyxel AMG firmware vulnerability issue, caused by the Mirai cyber attack and are NOT a Juniper Bridge customer then then please see below our 'how to' guide to update firmware. This has successfully worked for some customer on TalkTalk and BT networks however is not a guarantee. 



Download the Firmware update

The following link will show you the firmware file you will need to download and store ready to install on your router.

login screen.png

Login to your router

Log into your router using your admin user name and password. You can access the router interface by typing in the local address of your router using your web browser. If you are unsure how to locate the address of the router then please click the link below.


Username & Password

This will take you to the login page for the router interface. Once here you will need to enter the admin username and password for your router. Default ZyXEL router login Is UN: admin, PW: 1234. If this doesn’t allow access, please consult with your ISP or the person that setup your router for the access details.


Select Maintenance option

Once you have gained access to your router, navigate your mouse on the menu running along the bottom of the screen to theMaintenance option on the far right of the page. This will reveal a list of options, select 'Firmware Upgrade' from the list.


Browse for file

Selecting firmware upgrade will take you to a page confirming the firmware version. Check that it is not already V2.00 1510 then click the browse button with your mouse. A window will pop up allowing you to locate the previously downloaded firmware. The file you should upload is V200AAJC15I0.bin. Once the firmware file has been located, select it and click on the open button at the bottom right of the pop up box.


Upload firmware

Clicking open will take you back to the Firmware upgrade page. You then need to click the upload button to the far right of the same screen. This will commence the firmware upgrade.


The firmware upgrade takes around 10 minutes to complete, the lights on the router itself will flash and go out during this process but once complete the Power, DSL and Internet lights will show as online.